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Store Hours & Services Changes


In our ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of our community, we have reopened our doors for in-store shopping. Given the latest reports regarding every increasing concerns about public health, we have changed the ways we are serving you in order to ensure maximum safety for our customers and staff. As the pandemic situation continues, please stay tuned here, and on our Facebook and Instagram pages, for details and any changes. Please bear with us as we continue to learn some new ways to serve you, and stay healthy, strong, positive, and serene. We’re all in this together, and together we WILL rise above this unprecedented challenge!


In-Store Shopping

In-Store Shopping, Curbside Call-In & Pickup and Mail Order

MON-FRI: 9am – 7pm

SAT: 10am – 7pm

SUN: 12pm – 7pm

Local Delivery

Delivery Times Vary
Please Call Us for Details

Call-In & Email Orders
860.646.8178 or 860.783.8802

Though we have reopened our doors, the challenges of unreliable shipping and product availability still remain. If you’re unable to locate a specific product, our knowledgeable staff will gladly (1) help you locate a substitute or, if a substitute is not available, (2) fill out a Pre-Paid Form for the product you’re seeking so that you’ll receive a call when the product arrives.  We will greatly appreciate your patience with us throughout this process. 

We’ll maintain this schedule as long as possible and will give as much notice as possible should we need to change it.
Please do call ahead before visiting us for curbside pickup to ensure we’re open.

Email Orders* – Email:

This is a new COVID 2020 Parkade Health service. We’ll fulfill these orders as quickly and completely as we’re able, and will call you to conclude your transaction and provide availability times for curbside pick-up or delivery. To ensure your security and privacy, please DO NOT provide any credit card information in any order email. We will fulfill all orders as supplies permit. Please note that our vendor delivery times are currently erratic and certain products and their ingredients are in limited supply in the marketplace.When emailing an order, please provide ALL of the following information:

Personal Information:
Name – Address (Deliveries & Mail Orders) – Phone Number
Order Information:
Indicate whether the order is for
Curbside Pick-Up, Delivery, or Mail Order
Please provide any specific delivery instructions in
accordance with our guidelines below.
Product Name
Variety (Scent/Flavor/Capsules-Tablets-Liquid/Etc)
UPC Code (The 12-digit Bar Code)
Quantity (We will provide what we can based on
current inventory)
Acceptable substitutions if specified items are not

Curbside Pick-Up*
1- Call in your order of any amount.
2- Provide us with your Credit Card information.
3- We will have your order available for pick-up by 12 noon the next day, or sooner if possible. As we are able, we will make exceptions in emergencies.
4- At pick-up, we request an open car trunk or hatchback for package deposit.

Local Delivery*
This is a NEW Parkade Health service that will continue after we reopen our doors. We will be relying on our own employees to make deliveries according to these guidelines:

1- Call in your MINIMUM $25 ORDER and our in-store staff will collect your requested items according to availability.
2- Pay with a Credit Card ONLY. Gratuities for our drivers will be greatly appreciated.
3- We will deliver your order to your home on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, to a front door or some other designated safe location. We apologize but, for safety reasons, we will deliver only to the outside door of apartment buildings and not to individual internal apartments.
4- Locations:
Manchester & Glastonbury – FREE
East Hartford / South Windsor / Vernon / Bolton / Ellington / Coventry / Tolland – $7 Delivery Fee
5- We will ask our employees to regularly disinfect their car seats and all products will be delivered in bags or boxes.

Mail Order
1- Call in your order of any amount.
2- We will calculate and report your shipping fee.
3- Pay with a Credit Card ONLY.
4- We will ship your package by UPS on the following business day.
* Please note that all of the above services will be provided as indicated only if, and as long as, staffing, commerce,
and safety conditions permit.

Virtual Shopping
Missing shopping in our store? Get a VIRTUAL Parkade Health Experience!
You can VIRTUALLY SHOP with us through live video using Zoom by COMPUTER or PHONE!
Get the convenience of in-store shopping from the safety of your home in just 3 simple steps:
1- Call 860.646.8178 or 860.783.8802 to schedule your VIRTUAL SHOPPING EXPERIENCE. We’ll give you a VIRTUAL appointment for a specific date and time that work for you.
Initial Available Hours: Monday – Thursday 10-12pm
Appointment Duration: 30 Minutes
We will schedule consecutive appointments as needed.
2- At your scheduled time, we’ll contact you through Zoom and will walk through the store with you to ensure that you’ll get the products you need.
3- Pay for your purchase with your credit card.
You can pick up your order right away, or we’ll deliver it or mail it out. Your choice!
Aaaand …. that’s it!

Product Image Texting
We’ll gladly text you images of our products with their prices straight from our shelves.

(Last Updated November 19, 2020)


Our Doors Are Open for In-Store Shopping!
Public Health Measures 
We’re Taking to Keep You Safe

A Message from Our Owner, Erika Dworkin
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

My Main Concerns: Your Health, Safety & Peace of Mind

Hi Friends!

We at Parkade Health so appreciate your standing by our Local Small Business since the COVID19 shutdown on March 20th as we made some necessary changes for the sake of those we love and value.  Though we’re deemed an essential business, we chose to close our doors temporarily for the safety and well-being of our staff and customers. 

Ever mindful of the need to continue to make decisions based on concerns for providing a safe and serene space for all, I wanted to let you know about our reopening safety guidelines.  As these derive from the safety-based Sector Rules for reopening that Governor Lamont released on May 9th, we have great confidence in our approach.   Below are our DECD-compliant COVID-19 Shopping Guidelines. Above all, I want to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable when you shop with us, knowing that my staff and I care about your well-being.  

  • Monitoring Federal, State and Other Reports.  We are continuing to stay abreast of CDC, WHO, ECDC, Connecticut Department of Public Health Reports, Governor Lamont’s and the Town of Manchester’s Press Releases, and information from Johns Hopkins University, regarding the spread of the virus and recommended measures to protect the public.  Please click on these links for official updates. 
  • In-Shoppe Measures to Protect You. 
    • Preventive Disinfection :  Our entire Shoppe, including products, was disinfected by a professional cleaning company with an environmentally-safe, botanically-based, hospital-grade, EPA-registered cleaning product.  Should it become necessary, we will disinfect again
    • Surface Cleaning:  Commonly used surfaces are being cleaned at regular intervals.  This includes shopping cart and basket handles after each use.
    • Staff Requirements: We are requiring all staff to (1) take their temperatures at the beginning of every shift, (2) wear masks at all times, (3) wash or sanitize their hands every hour, and (4) report and stay home if they are sick or experience any COVID-19 symptoms. We’ve asked all staff members to avoid personal contact with each other and our customers, and to socially distance from customers whenever possible.
    • Physical Barriers at Checkout:  We have installed plexiglass dividers at each register.  We are asking each customer to be mindful of checking out in front of these dividers for the sake of their own and our staff’s safety.
    • Customer Counts:  We are abiding by the ‘50% of maximum capacity’ requirement such that no more than 29 people are being permitted in our Shoppe at any one time.  Whenever possible, we will further seek to limit shopper counts to no more than 9 at any one time.
    • Public Bathrooms:  We do apologize for any inconvenience but, in keeping with the Rule that all amenities that are not essential to the main function of (our) business be closed, our bathroom will be unavailable for public use until further notice.  We thank you for understanding our effort to comply with government Sector Rules and to ensure the safety of our staff.
      • Curbside, Local Delivery & Mail Order Services.  We continue to urge all members of our community to use these safer shopping options. We offer FREE DELIVERY of minimum orders of $25 in Manchester and Glastonbury, and charge $7 for DELIVERY to East Hartford / South Windsor / Vernon / Bolton. As we’ve always offered the FREE option to call in orders for PICK-UP at CURBSIDE or in our Shoppe, we’ll continue this service, especially to those of you who continue to need to limit your public exposure due to higher risk for severe illness (especially people aged 65 or older and those with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma/lung disease, diabetes, heart disease, or cancer; click here for additional high risk information). Just call 860.646.8178 or 860.783.8802 to give us your order according to this schedule:
        Curbside Call-In & Pickup
        Monday – Friday  9am-12pm 
        Local Delivery
        T-TH-SUN After 6pm
      • We’ll also continue to offer Mail Order to any address in the United States.     If you have any questions about safety in our Shoppe or any other pandemic issue, we’d love to help you when you visit us or on the phone.  Check in with us regularly for updates.

        It is with deep appreciation for the support you’ve shown us for 64 years that I wish you ongoing wellness and serenity at this difficult time. Thank you for your patience as we all work together to rise above this latest challenge to our customary way of life and well-being.

        All my best & in good health,
        (Updated May 20, 2020)

Support & Guidance

From Our Owner, Erika Dworkin
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

Many of you have asked us how to protect yourselves against the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID-19, so I thought I’d share a few facts I’ve researched.  My hope is that this information will help you stay calm in the knowledge that you’re empowered to keep yourselves and your families safe and healthy. Please call 860.646.8178 or visit me in our Shoppe if you’d like more detailed guidance.

  • How Big Is the Threat in CT?  Much about the pandemic disease is still unknown, and the CDC still describes the “situation” as emerging and rapidly evolving. Although federal officials warned about a rapid spread of this new disease, Governor Lamont took effective steps to combat it. As of October 1, 2020, the CDC has reported 4,505 COVID deaths in our state out of over 205,000 total deaths in the United States (just over 2% of total US deaths). Click here for more information directly from Connecticut’s Department of Public Health. See also the Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center.

    The CDC now states that “anyone can have mild to severe symptoms.” Those at greatest risk are elderly, sick/immune-compromised (especially with heart or chronic lung disease, diabetes, or cancer), or take care of someone who is sick. With respect to children, the CDC reports: “The true incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in children is not known due to lack of widespread testing and the prioritization of testing for adults and those with severe illness. Hospitalization rates in children are significantly lower than hospitalization rates in adults with COVID-19, suggesting that children may have less severe illness from COVID-19 compared to adults.”

    In my view, the best thing we all can do is stay calm and take multiple preventive measures to support our immune systems.

  • Symptoms Include:  Fever/Chills, Coughing, Aches, Difficulty Breathing, Pneumonia, Fatigue, Headaches, New Loss of
    Taste or Smell, Sore Throat, Congestion or Runny Nose, Nausea or Vomiting, Diarrhea
  • How It Spreads:  Respiratory Droplets from Saliva, Coughing, Sneezing, Direct Contact
  • Preventive Steps You Can Take
    • Wash & Moisturize Hands. Wash all surfaces of your hands often with soap and water (hot, if possible, but not required) for at least 20 seconds, and dry them thoroughly, or use 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer on the entire hand (but Johns Hopkins University has advised: any mixture with alcohol over 65% dissolves any fat, especially the external lipid layer of the virus – see below). The WHO has recommended washing hands particularly after handling cash, but it has NOT advised that cash is transmitting the new coronavirus. Johns Hopkins University recommends moisturizing both hands thoroughly after washing.
    • Avoid: (1) shaking hands; (2) touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; (3) public places and large gatherings; and (4) close contact with sick people.
    • Disinfect Surfaces. Frequently sanitize all surfaces and objects, including your cell phone.
    • Masks. Wearing a fitted N95 Respirator Mask provides protection but is not considered necessary unless there is a widespread community outbreak. These have been reserved for use by first responders. As with using a tissue, wearing other types of masks is a considerate way to protect others from potential communication of disease from coughing or sneezing.
    • Support Your Immune System With:
      • A Healthy Diet:  low in sugar and alcohol; high especially in organic cruciferous and other vegetables.
      • Adequate Sleep. It is well-established that sleeping 6-9 hours/night (each person has a different need) is crucial to maintaining a strong immune system, especially when infection or inflammation is present, or when one is highly stressed.
      • Proven Immune-Boosting Supplements, Especially:*
        • Licorice Extract – Black Elderberry – Oregano Extract
        • Olive Leaf Extract – Vitamins A & C – Zinc – Melatonin
        • Echinacea – Colloidal Silver – Quercetin – Vitamin D3
        • Medicinal Mushrooms (Reishi/Shitake/Maitake/Cordyceps
          Medicinal Mushrooms (Reishi/Shitake/Maitake/Cordyceps)
      • Other Supportive Supplements
        Andrographis – Lung Support
        Ivy Leaf Extract – Lung Support
        N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) – Thins Mucus
        Expec Cough Syrup with Guaifenesin (Naturade)
      • Homeopathics for General Corona Virus Symptoms:
        • Aconite 200C/CK – Fever With Chills
        • Bryonia 200C/CK – Dry, Exhausting Cough
        • Lycopodium 200C/CK – Wet Cough or Phosphorus 200C/CK (if the cough persists more than 5 days)
        • Oscillococcinum – Small Daily Doses for Prevention
      • Proven Immune-Supporting  Supplements, Especially:*
        •  Licorice Extract – Black Elderberry – Oregano Extract 
        •  Olive Leaf Extract – Vitamins A & C – Zinc – Melatonin
        •  Echinacea – Colloidal Silver – Quercetin – Vitamin D3
        • Medicinal Mushrooms (Reishi/Shitake/Maitake/Cordyceps)
          These can be used in a diffuser or topically in a carrier oil, especially on the bottom of the feet.
          *NOTE:  While scientific studies have shown that these supplements are generally anti-viral, there are no studies establishing that any dietary supplements are effective against contracted COVID-19.
  • Click here for additional information in my Blog.
    Last Updated November 19, 2020